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We make it our mission to support you in developing your leadership skills, both on the personal and the organizational level.

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Let’s create a thriving women’s network together!

We’ll be honest: in our corporate careers, we never joined any women’s networks, because we thought of them as boring tea parties for women to complain about how the patriarchy makes them miserable.

Fast forward to now, and we are the proud co-founders of the WOMEN’S HUB Zurich, where women come to become the boldest, truest version of themselves - whatever that looks like for them.

What has changed, you ask?

Women Colleagues


Your ticket to authentic leadership

In our view, being a leader means taking responsibility for your world, and understanding the impact that you’re having in the world. 

Our approach to leadership is therefore a highly individualized and reflective one.

Rather than teaching you a leadership model, we work from your current experience, and support you in understanding your own unique leadership style - and where you can stretch.

We offer 1:1 coaching trajectories, workshops and 6-month group trainings.

Stand Up Meeting


Optimize your team's performance

Did you know that the quickest road to your success is strengthening your innate talents, rather than fixing what is wrong? That is why we are big believers of the CliftonStrengths approach as a way to lay out your unique, fulfilling path to success.

The big idea behind the CliftonStrengths approach is that you can gain much more by building on your strengths than improving areas of weakness. By doing so, you manage your weaknesses through your strengths, and make your weaknesses effectively irrelevant. 

And even better: working from your strengths is energizing and makes you feel ‘in flow’, while trying to fix weaknesses feels draining and therefore you are less likely to persevere.

If you use your strengths consistently, you are 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life, 6 times more likely to be engaged in your job, and 8% more productive at work.

There is only a 1 in 33 million chance that one person will share with someone else the same top 5 strengths in order. 

Are you ready to unlock the most promising way to success for your unique abilities?

Young Businesswomen


We love talking about hard things

Whether it’s conflict situations, taboos, mental health or diversity & inclusion - we love talking about hard things (see for example Arjanna's TED talk about homelessness here).

We are experts at creating a safe space to exchange experiences, viewpoints and questions, so that even when the stakes are high, we can learn from each other and actually feel more connected to people we used to push away.

Our magic ingredients:

  • Defining crystal clear objectives and manage expectations;

  • Creating a safe space where people feel free to express and explore;

  • The power of vulnerability: we lead by example by sharing our own stories, and expressing our own vulnerabilities in the moment.

Interested in booking us as facilitators or speakers?

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Nele is a consultant by profession, a marketing professional by training and a mentor at heart with a passion for infusing empathy in everything she does.

She is  intrigued by the uniqueness of people and loves working with individuals and teams to make them thrive, and creating a happier and more human workplace.



Arjanna is a formerly Silicon Valley-based coach and consultant. With a background in design engineering, she is able to combine her coaching skills with creative design methods.

Arjanna made it her mission to support individuals and organizations in finding their authentic leadership style.



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